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Our first iPhone app “Fake Watch”

Our first iPhone app is now available for download from iTune Store. It’s Free! Go, get it now!
Fake Watch iPhone App
Fake Watch
Fake Watch application displays time on your iPhone and does nothing
else in terms of functionality.

While most of us dislike the fake wristwatch, the reality is that we
need keen eyes to distinguish the real ones from the fake ones thus
many people being cheated buying fakes sold as the real thing.

The application comes with 5 look-alike famous wristwatches. Choose
the style that go well with your style whether it’s luxury, fashion

or sport watch. This is a kind of soft-training tool for general
public. Spot the details of “fakeness” in those watches just for fun.
There’s no better way to make a statement than this.

Keep the fakes real fake and buying only real ones. We are giving out
this application for free.

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